25 February 2013

Snub TV

Snub TV 89-91 I rounded up all the best clips from the show that shone a light on some of the great bands (new & old) of the time. I was about 18 and the show was broadcast weekly early evening - I used to ram a VHS video tape in the recorder every time it was on, as my parents wanted to watch the news, these are some of the clips I remember, and a couple I have never seen. With their detached, cool-as-ice presenting style (only voiceovers, never in your face) and decent band interviews, they managed to capture the essential indie scene in the moment, something only bloggers ever seem to do these days...

Teenage Fanclub
My Bloody Valentine
The Fall
The Breeders
Throwing Muses
Sonic Youth
Happy mondays
House of Love
New Order
The Cramps
Dinosaur Jr
Stone Roses
Napalm Death
Extreme Noise Terror
Cocteau Twins
Spacemen 3 (very bad quality but worth it for the interview)
The Wedding Present
Ultra Vivid Scene
Boo Radleys

14 January 2013

15 November 2012

Seth Frightening - Don't You Worry (Heat Death)

Seth Frightening have a new album coming out November 17th - Don't You Worry (Heat Death) here it is:

Visit the band website here:

Widowspeak - Ballad of the Golden Hour

New Widowspeak track (below) and new album, Almanac coming soon on Captured Tracks ...

01 November 2012

19 October 2012

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Swans - From the Seer album...

Goat - Goatlord Live.

Sharon Van Etten, First Aid Kit, Forget Cassettes, Stealing Sheep...

Lets have a few updates then.

Here are just a few that I keep listening to lately. All recent, live and some new releases...

 Sharon Van Etten.

 First Aid Kit cover Paul Simon's America...

More from this session at:


Forget Cassettes. New release, 'been a long time, but finally something new...

Stealing Sheep - Bear Tracks, live at Rough Trade East...