23 December 2010

Y Niwl - Album

Welsh Surfer dudes rock the beaches with new Album....

Isobell Campbell & Willy Mason

Was listening to this the other night and thought - wow that guy sounds like Willy Mason, it was Willy Mason, I can prove it:

Only a few people in the world can get away with whistling on a song, Isobell's one of them.

PJ Harvey

She's got a new album out in February, with a heavy English influence. There's a great shot in the video below of a wave rolling back out to sea that, at first, I couldn't make out what it was, then it suddenly makes sense - it's genius. here's a new track from it - ````````````` The Last Living Rose.....PJ Harvey Official site

22 December 2010

Seth Frightening

NZ singer Songwriter, with some beautiful tunes, take a listen here:

Watch his cool vid:

Flying Lotus

Real nice video and chilled tune from Flying Lotus:

David Bowie

Watching this "Old Grey Whistle Test" performance of Five Years, from Bowie, circa 1972, makes you realise how good he is - the delivery is spot on - such a great artist, I just had to post this. Listen to the end and you will hear Bowie asking: "Is that OK?" - like he didn't realise what an amazing take this was...

Also from that same session "Oh, You Pretty Things"...

1974 BBC 'Cracked Actor' documentary - always good to find 'new' old bowie stuff: