18 December 2010

Captain Beefheart

Came home from Oslo to hear that Don Van Vliet had died. His music was amazing and if you never saw his paintings, likewise.

From the Old Grey Whistle Test - Upon The My Oh My (1974):

From his last ever album, back in the eighties - Ice Cream For Crow:

Wonderfully weird observations on the man, with the man:

And finally, check out his paintings, here at the Captain Beefheart Radar Station website

13 December 2010

Fugazi - Turnover 1991

This band were just always so good on record in the late Eighties, early nineties, but I never got to see them live, which is a big shame - just a great band and I never saw this video before, so makes up for never seeing them (well just a little bit)...

Update (28 Nov 2011): Fugazi have just released a massive archive of live recordings which the band have made over the years - the recordings are mostly taken from the mixing desks at all their gigs and thrown in an 'archive' (cupboard under the stairs). I've listened to a few tracks from these and they sound pretty good quality, considering they were all taken from tapes. The recordings can be had for a nominal sum (1-5 dollars US). Here is the link to that news from Dischord:

Fugazi to launch Live Series on December 1st 2011 News link.

Fugazi Live Series link